Souvenir Program Booklet

Submission by Email:

Please email attachments (“MZB Souvenir Ad” as subject line) to:

Acceptable Formats:

When submitting your Ad via email, the following are acceptable formats: .jpeg - .jpg - .gif - .pdf - .png Email any graphics, such as company logos as high-quality images (300 dpi or higher resolution with no blurring and excellent clarity).

Submission by Postal Service (Hard Copy):

Please include original copies of any picture you would like included with your ad. Photocopies will NOT be accepted. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like your original photos returned to you by standard US mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your submission. Print/type all information and submit a copy of your advertisement (do not staple). Your desired advertisement MUST BE print ready. *Mt. Zion Baptist Church and/or any of its affiliates cannot be held liable for lost or damaged photos during mailing.

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